TV Programmes



Choreographer for BBC Strictly 'Couples Choice' Street / Commercial Dance.

Dance Dance Dance as Mentor / Choreographer for 4 seasons for RTL / SBS6 and ITV

Judge for BBC's Alesha's Street Dance Stars Seasons 1,2 and 3

So You Think You Can Dance Season 1 Contestant resulting 3rd in the final.

Representing the UK in Mexico for the World Dance Championships, Bailando por un Sueño: Segundo Campeonato Mundial de Baile

After the success of 'So you think You Can Dance', Lizzie also progressed into presenting 'Britain's Got Talent' Advert for Virgin Media, 'BBC Learning', BBC's 'How to be Epic at Everything', 'Change for Life', 'Ten pieces' and 'Alesha's Street Dance' Online.

As a performer, Lizzie was featured in commercials for Virgin Media, Morph costumes, Gooey phonecase, The Box, Fila , Timex Watches Vodaphone, Tmobile, Wilkinsons Sword and Sky One "Got to Dance".


Music Videos

Live Shows / Award Shows



Lizzie has had the opportunity to be a Contestant on So You Think You Can Dance, a Judge on Alesha's Street Dance Stars to a Mentor for Dance Dance Dance plus presenting for other various TV Shows which gave her the experience and crediblity and knowledge in the TV industry.


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From performing with companies such as Zoonation's 'MadHatters Tea Party' and 'Some Like it Hip Hop', Fredrick Rydman's European tours of 'SwanLake Reloaded' and 'Nutcracker Reloaded' and recently 'Message in a Bottle' which has given her a wide range in theatre shows throughout Europe.

With the succession of her TV programmes, Lizzie has had the chance to work on other projects such as judging, teaching workshops,  a trustee to various dance associations across the UK and also charity work.